Manufacturing Software

RanFab, has been build from ground up to facilitate and promote efficiency as a metal fabrication job shop software, or profile cutting and sheet metal software. Unsophisticated learning curve and industry specific design will give your metal business a constant winning formula.
Speed and efficiency is what LaserQuote is all about. The laser cutting wizard can generate accurate and consistent quotes in seconds not minutes. Try the demo and select Add Profile Cutting , Sheet Metal Processes, Standard BOM’s, Inventory, Subcontracting for parts or assemblies.     Manufacturing Software Made Easy !     Features  –>

Quotes and Estimations.

Generate quick, accurate and consistent quotes for your parts and assemblies.The cost of estimating is a very real cost.LaserQuote will generate more quotes per hour then any other package or your money back.

Programming and MRP.

Programming contributes to great savings to your material resource planning.  RF will suggest and control material distribution over multiple customers while maintaining constant communication with your inventory status.

Shop Floor Data.

Collect production data directly from terminals in you factory either via bar-coded documentation generate within or via standard keyboard input. RanFab will maintain a full job history for production times and associated costs.

PO’s and Inventory.

Order only raw materials and consumables that are required.Full control over what inventory costs and full usage history. RanFab will automatically generate purchase orders as need it when jobs with relevant subcontracting items are raised.